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Laser printer or laser printer is a printer for computers that use light diode technology to get small particles of toner from cartridge onto paper. This tool is often more economical than using ink-printing ink. Lack of higher price toner cartridges Larger size, although the longer the size of the laser printer shrinks, they are bigger than the inkjet printers and will not fit in a narrow place. More noisy, laser printers produce a loud enough sound at the time of operation. More expensive for color printing, laser printers can produce good color prints but at a more expensive price, consumers tend to opt for inkjet printers because they are cheaper. Advantages The more efficient use of toner, the use of toner in laser printers is more efficient when compared to the use of ink on an inkjet printer. The cost per page of laser printers is cheaper, which means the operational costs incurred are also lower. Higher print speeds, laser printers can print faster, especially documents with multiple pages, when compared to inkjet printers. Easier to clean. 2. Inkjet Printer Type of inkjet printer is the category of printer who use the means of liquid ink in the printing process. Disadvantages The use of wasteful ink, inkjet printers have a higher cost per page price compared to laser printers caused by the use of less efficient ink. Slow printing of large documents, printing documents with a large number of pages takes longer than laser printers. More difficult to clean Excess Size smaller, most inkjet printers are relatively smaller and can be placed in a narrow place. All-in-one inkjet printers are a bit bigger but still smaller than all-in-one laser printers or office copy machines. The selling price is cheap. Ink cartridges are cheaper. Cartridge replacement is easier. Perfect photo print quality, inkjet printers can produce images with bright colors and real-life images.


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